Crystal chandeliers are one of the most common chandeliers. Its beautiful carvings and designs always stand out, but it has many types of crystals differentiated by the cuts. Know different types, basics, and cuts of crystal chandeliers and ways to maintain them.

Basics of crystal chandelier

Crystals used in lighting are made of glass, but, the glass is different from the one we see in our house. Chandelier crystals have lead oxide in them. Lead oxide gets more weight and refraction, which makes it more sparkly and prismatic. Lead oxide is not harmful and human-friendly.

There are three different kinds of lead oxide contents:

  • Crystalline
  • Half lead
  • Full lead

Crystalline is a glass including 6 – 10 percent of lead oxide. Half lead crystal includes 24-30 percent of lead oxide. When there is more than 30 percent of lead oxide present in a glass, it will be full lead.

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Three ways to create crystal chandeliers.

  • Machine cut
  • Hand cut
  • Handblown

Machine cuts are sharp, is visually pure, and polished precisely. Hand-cut crystals are made by using traditional methods. Iron and sandstone wheels are used for cutting. Polishing is done by adding marble dust to the wood wheel. Hand-blown crystals are blown giving it around and smooth edge.

Types of crystal chandeliers

  • Colored crystals are created with color coatings on the crystals and are used in many different chandeliers.
  • K9 crystal is a great option for value-minded customers. It is mass-produced, cut, and polished for a rich and expensive look.
  • Rock crystal is as old as the earth and each is made uniquely created by geological events.
  • Swarovski are world’s finest crystal. It is clear, flawless, unique, and has more than 30 percent of lead oxide.
  • Venetian crystal is molded. Instead of lead, it has lime and soda in it.
  • Murano crystal: shaped in a circle and are mouth-blown.

Different cuts on crystal chandeliers

  • Banguette
  • Cut ball
  • Diamond
  • Finial
  • Hexagonal prism
  • Kite

Way to take care of crystal chandeliers

There are two options to clean crystal one is easy and the other easy. You can use any one of your choices. The easy way is to fill a bottle with 3 parts with water and 1 part with isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Spray the solution on a cloth piece and wipe the crystal. Instantly wipe the crystal with a dry cloth or glove.

A little more detailed method to clean is by removing the crystal and labeling where they all go in the fixture. Add Palmolive oil in lukewarm water and clean the crystal, rinse and dry with a soft cloth and fix it back.

Get your crystal chandelier and maintain it well. Keep all the points and information before you get it and make the ambiance classy.