Why Should You Replace Your Evaporative Cooler Pad, And How Often Should You Do So?

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The ability of an evaporative cooler to produce cold air without requiring a significant amount of power or the use of refrigerants is one of the many advantages offered by this type of cooling system. Instead, it makes use of the air that is already there to guarantee that a building can acquire the required amount of cold air even when the temperature of the outside air is high.

Evaporative coolers function by drawing in ambient air from their surroundings and modifying that air to bring it down to a lower temperature. In addition, for the hot air to be successfully transformed into cool air, it has to travel through the cooler pads that are located within the evaporative cooler unit itself. When heated air comes into contact with these pads, it triggers a process known as evaporative cooling, which requires the pads to be saturated in water so that they may readily carry out the necessary steps.

It Is Essential To Change Out Evaporative Cooler Pads

As was said before, the cooling of heated air is accomplished by the use of evaporative cooler pads. In addition, the pads need to be drenched in water for the cooling effect to take place. In most cases, the water that is utilized for the pads has not been subjected to any sort of purification process. This only indicates that the water could include a few minerals and other components, some of which might build up on the pads over time. If you don’t replace the pads in your evaporative cooler at the appropriate intervals, they will gradually accumulate components that will hinder their ability to fulfill their cooling function over the long term.

In addition to the quality of the water, cooler pads are also susceptible to being impacted by the quality of the air in their surroundings. The air that is found outside might contain a broad variety of dirt and dust particles. As soon as the air travels through the swamp cooler pad, these elements have the potential to build on the pads, which would then have an impact on how well the pads function. When used for an extended period, cooling pads might eventually become useless if they become clogged with debris.

When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Cooler Pads?

Many different manufacturers are capable of producing evaporative cooler pads. Because of this, they may flaunt various materials and qualities that go along with those materials, which would cause some of them to have a significantly longer lifespan than others. In addition, how these pads are utilized differs greatly from one location to the next. While others are utilized consistently, some evaporative coolers are only put into service for a brief period.

However, if you want to be certain, you may check the owner’s handbook for the device and the pads. The document often includes advice on how to properly maintain the pads. In addition to that, it offers some specifics on the correct maintenance plan for the pads.

Cracks in the cooling pads are the one indicator that can be checked to ensure that they need to be replaced. If there is one sign that you can check, it would be cracks in the cooling pads. Mold, dirt, slime, and other contaminants on the pads are another indication of a problem. These kinds of contaminants frequently prohibit the pads from executing their jobs to the best of their abilities. The accumulation of these dirt particles can negatively impact the quality of the air and lead to a variety of health problems.

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