Reasons For Purchasing A Waterhog Mat

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Every year falls cause the hospitalization of over 600,000 people, with one in five experiencing serious injury as a result. If you own a public building, take steps to lessen the likelihood of a slip and fall incident occurring on your premises. A WaterHog mat has that capability. However, these mats are useful for more than just avoiding falls. They provide an opportunity to set the tone of your space, welcome visitors, and advance your brand. When you put WaterHog mats on your business premises including the entryway, you’ll enjoy these six benefits.

1. Make Everyone Comfortable

You may assist create the ideal environment for your office, hotel, or store by placing a WaterHog mat at the entryway. Water Hog mats are constructed with superior materials like polypropylene, thermostatic polymers, or PET polyester fibers, and a 100% SBR rubber backing, making them a warm and welcoming addition to any home. Professional grade mats that won’t fade, conduct electricity or take forever to dry. Having a well-maintained doorway is a guarantee.

2. Always Keep The Floor Clean

The elegant marble flooring in the lobby of this hotel is sure to impress. Possibly the main office in your school has shiny linoleum flooring. Despite their magnificent appearance, these materials can become slippery death traps when wet. WaterHog doormats have a “water dam” border designed to collect water. You can prevent up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard from dripping onto your floors with only one mat.

3. Set The Right Mood

WaterHog mats, unlike standard commercial doormats, are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Guests’ first impressions of your room can be affected by the choice of an attractive mat. A classic half-moon shape with a lovely oval fan design is perfect for a high-end hotel or an elegant business. A diamond, chevron, modern swirl, or parquet mat in a rectangular or square shape is a great choice for a professional office, school, church, or store. They add texture and subtle touch to these designs.

4. More Security

Mats made for the general public feature cheap rubber backings. This causes them to lose their balance and possibly move around. This action poses a bigger danger to participants’ safety than would the complete lack of a mat. Water Hog’s commercial floor mat features a sturdy rubber backing on two levels. It doesn’t curl or crack and is safe for use on concrete, linoleum, tile, terrazzo, asphalt, wood, marble, and vinyl. For usage on the carpet, there is a cleated option.

5. Possibility Of Branding

Choose a WaterHog Impressions HD Logo mat to have your hotel, store, or organization’s name printed on it. You can’t pass up this opportunity to establish your region’s identity in the minds of locals. Pick a stunning background color, then choose a frame type, mat size, orientation, and border color. Each visitor to your storefront can be greeted with a custom design that features your company’s brand.

6. Customization

Choose the perfect mat for your needs from among 16 distinct design choices, up to 20 colors, and several available dimensions. Alternatives that are better for the environment are also accessible. The backing of these mats is also produced from recycled materials (between 15 and 20%). Raising people’s consciousness about the environment should not be at the expense of productivity.


If your building has a public entry, you need a WaterHog business doormat. These sturdy mats look great and do a fantastic job of preventing water damage and dirt accumulation on your floor. Maximize the effectiveness of your mat by choosing a design that is both aesthetically beautiful and appropriate for your structure.

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