The Office Container Storage System: A Creative Solution

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For an efficient office, it is important to find storage solutions that work. Container storage is more than just a functional solution. With the right approach it can improve your office’s aesthetics as well as its efficiency. Container storage has many uses, including maximizing space, improving organization, and adding creativity to an office. Edmonton Office Furnishings has some great ideas on how to use container storage creatively in the workplace.

Incorporate Stylish Storage Bins And Containers

Storage bins have evolved from their utilitarian roots. Storage containers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials that will complement any office decor.

  • Aesthetic Appearance: Choose containers and bins to match your office color scheme. There are bins and boxes to suit all tastes, whether you prefer sleek designs or vintage, rustic looks.
  • Labeling And Organization: Use stylish tags to identify contents of each container. This not only adds elegance to your storage space, but also improves the organization.

Repurpose Unconventional Containers

Think outside of the box and repurpose unconventional containers for storage. This adds personality to your workspace and also promotes sustainability.

  • Vintage crates and boxes: The old wooden crates and containers can be cleaned, and then repurposed to provide stylish storage. They are rustic and offer ample storage.
  • Canisters of Glass: Use the glass canisters as containers for smaller items, like pens, clipboards, and office supplies. Clear containers help you see what’s in them and create a neat, modern appearance.

Use Rolling Storage Carts

These carts are very versatile and functional. They are easily portable, so they’re perfect for changing workspaces.

  • Mobile Desks: You can use rolling carts as mobile desks. The rolling carts are able to hold documents, equipment and supplies.
  • Temporary Organizers: Rolling carts make excellent temporary storage options during office moves or reconfigurations. The carts keep the items accessible and organized.

Use Decorative Baskets

These decorative baskets can add visual appeal to any office while also providing useful storage.

  • Desk Organization: Use little trays on your desktop to organize things like pens, notepads and cards. You can also store large items in decorative baskets, like folders and file cabinets.
  • Baskets can double up as both storage and decorative elements. Use them for displaying plants and office decor, while organizing supplies.

Create Custom Storage Solutions

Custom solutions can be the most suitable for unique storage needs. Edmonton Office Furnishings Warehouse caters to specific storage requirements with custom options.

  • Tailored Design: Customized solutions can be designed in order to fit difficult spaces or specific items. This makes the most of available space while maximizing functionality.
  • Personalized Touch: When you add custom storage options, you can include personalized elements that reflect your brand’s personality and culture.

Multi-Functional Furnishings

Multi-functional furnishings are great for increasing office space. They also provide additional storage.

  • Storage Desks: Desks equipped with storage compartments and drawers help to keep your workspace clean. Consider desks that include hidden compartments for cables, documents, or supplies.
  • Ottomans Storage Ottomans: Ottomans equipped with hidden storage compartments serve both as seating and as storage. Use them to discreetly store personal items or office supplies.

Open Shelving Systems

Open shelving is not only functional but also attractive. These systems let you keep your office looking neat and tidy while displaying items.

  • Showcase Items: Open shelves are a great way to showcase books, awards, or decorative pieces. The personal touch will keep your office organized while adding a touch of personality.
  • Accessibility: Open shelf’s provide easy access for frequently used items. Arrange your items by category, or use decorative containers to group similar items.

Leverage Digital Storage Solutions

Digital storage can greatly reduce the amount of physical space needed.

  • Using Cloud Storage Services: Store files and documents in digital format using cloud-based storage services. It allows you to store documents and files digitally, reducing the need for filing cabinets.
  • Office Without Paper: Implementing an office without paper policy will help reduce paper use. Scan documents to digitally store and reduce clutter.


Get creative when it comes to container storage. It can help you create an efficient, organized, and aesthetically pleasing office. Utilizing these innovative solutions for storage, you will be able to maximize space and improve functionality while also improving the appearance of your workplace. Edmonton Office Furnishings Warehouse can provide you with high-quality and customized storage solutions. Their knowledge and range of furniture can help create a workplace that reflects and meets your unique needs.

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