How To Select The Best Candle Scents?

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When buying, gifting, or making candles, the most important thing is often choosing the best candle fragrances. How many times have you held a candle in your hand to get the scent out?

Scents play an essential role in our lives. It is not uncommon for us to be drawn to particular scents. The brain is the first to notice connections between smell, memory, and emotions. Did you know that human beings can distinguish between hundreds of thousands of scents?

It’s no surprise that candle fragrance is one the most important characteristics of a candle. That is why we love lighting candles in our homes. The scent of candles can draw from our past and add to our moods.

How Do You Choose The Best Candle Fragrances?

You can sniff unlit candles until your nose is dry, but there’s a better way. The process of choosing a scented candle is similar to choosing your fragrance, such as perfume, body spray, and cologne.

However, certain scents are more appealing than others. We have broken down the steps to finding the best candle fragrances for you into just 4 steps.

Step 1: Think About Your Space

Consider where you will use the candle. For example, consider the space in which you will use the candle. A strong scent is not a good idea for a small room like a powder room. However, a similar scent may be a great choice for a large room such as a family room.

It’s perfectly acceptable to have a different candle for each room.

Step 2: Decide Your Candle Purpose

Candle Scents to Ambiance

The quickest way to create an ambiance is by using scented candles. While they can add warmth to any room, the candle’s scent often creates a more evocative atmosphere.

Consider your purpose when you choose a candle fragrance for ambiance. Citrus, bright scent can be a great way to energize a workspace. In the bath, a soothing scent like sandalwood is a good choice.

Odor Neutralizing Candle Scents

Candles are often used to mask odors. Fresh citrus and woody candle smells can often mask odors. However, there is one smell that will mask all odors: coffee. Every nose will be drawn to the irresistible aroma of roasted coffee beans. The strong, unique aroma of roasted coffee beans is a great way to get rid of any unpleasant odors – even those that are caused by pets or garlic.

Step 3: Select The Candle Fragrance Type

The next step is to choose the right candle scent. There are some choices when it comes to candle scent types. Each has its pros and con. Each is briefly described below.

Essential Oils:

The popularity of essential oils for candles and other uses has made them a hugely popular choice. Every essential oil is 100% natural, and all are made from plant material. Who wouldn’t love this? Essential oils are a popular choice for aromatherapy because of their therapeutic benefits. However, essential oils are limited to certain scents and are more expensive. You can still make scented beeswax candles by using essential oils.

Natural Fragrance oils:

Natural Fragrance Oils contain essential oils and aromatizers taken from nature. This is very similar to the French method of making perfumes for centuries. They use natural scents extracted from nature. Cool! These are not like standard fragrance oils. They are also free from phthalate or paraben. Many of these fragrance oils are also cruelty-free.

Step 4: Select Your Favorite Candle Scents Category

It’s time for you to decide which candle scents are best! Numerous smell varieties can be categorized like lavender, citrus, vanilla, etc. But choosing the ideal option for you depends on your tastes and choices.

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